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More GRAMMYS to come tay <33 #24thbday #taylorswift #loveher #forever #grammy

Happy birthday my Taylor Swift :x  #taylorswift #red #speaknow #fearless # glamour #idol #13 #24

19.A Taylor Swift song that you would love to hear live; Long Live

I would literally cry if I hear her sing this live.

❄️ #taylorswift ❄️ - 👄 put your lips close to mine, as long as they don’t touch 👄 - doing business revision wow this sucks but I have a mock tomorrow and I’m kinda worried because I’ve left revision too late and oh dear but at least I’m not the only one in my class who hasn’t revised until today so I should be fine!🙊 - omg I’m so forgetful at thanking you guys like thank you for getting me 6.6k yesterday! at the rate of things going I reckon maybe 6.7k today? 🎉🎊 - I really like this picture of Taylor like she’s so photogenic (basically means she looks amazing on camera anytime and any place which is like 113% true and if you think different well goodbye👋) - QUESTION; what was the last Taylor song you heard? mines IKYWT bc I’m listening to it now 💁  - 🎄 backup = @boyswiftiesx 🎄 (at be active and double tap! 💞)


So flawless ♥ I will love this amazing woman forever ♥ ♥ ♥

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